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Pre-treatment and post-treatment of plastic eyelid surgery

Professional skin cleansing and care of the eyelid or facial skin has proved successful for the pre-treatment and post-treatment of plastic surgery.

Pre-treatment facilitates an incision that is particularly tissue-conserving, and post-treatment stimulates scar-free wound healing.

We recommend the following procedure:

6 weeks before surgery:
4 treatments, once a week:

AHA treatment (cleansing / fruit acid peeling and active ingredients depending on skin type, special eye pads and face mask)

Pre-treatment is completed 2 weeks before surgery.

2 weeks after surgery:

Post-treatment: (cleaning, lymphatic ultrasound / special eye pads and face mask).

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Gentle wrinkle treatment

Aesthetic medicine
In our specialist aesthetic medicine session, we offer you a professional treatment of wrinkles, droopy eyelids and other cosmetically bothersome changes, especially in the area of the face, neck and hands.

The goal of the treatment at the Augenzentrum Höfe is to meet your aesthetic needs minimally invasively with the minimum amount of work, without any significant side effects, and with a concept tailored to your individual needs at a fair price.

PD Dr. med. Wegner particularly specialises in gentle and minimally invasive treatment of age-related changes in the skin (rejuvenation).

PD Dr. med. Wegner has many years of further training and outstanding practical experience in this specialist field, in particular also at university level. For colleagues who also follow the path of aesthetic medicine, PD Dr. med. Wegener, with his many years of experience is a tutor, and, as part of the European Excellence Initiative in Ophthalmology, is also an examiner.

Gentle applications
Gentle, non-surgical methods for the elimination of age-related changes in the skin have become increasingly mainstream.

Wrinkle treatment with botulinum (Botox) and wrinkle injection by injection with biodegradable fillers, which are recreated from endogenous hyaluronan, have proven to be successful methods over many years.

Over the last few years, the constant further development of these substances has also contributed to a broadening of the application fields beyond enhanced tolerability. Depending on the tissue alteration and tissue condition, different fillers with a different spectrum of activity are available. Skilful use of these active substances is the key to your treatment success.

Active ingredients

Because of their very good efficacy and tolerability, predominantly biodegradable fillers, such as hyaluronan, an endogenous substance, which is degraded by the body after a certain time (similar to endogenous collagen) are used in aesthetic medicine nowadays.

Areas of application

Fillers are introduced to pump up the affected tissue to compensate for loss of substance; it is wrinkles that are usually "filled". This results in a visible smoothing of wrinkles, and the elasticity of your skin increases again.

Typical areas of application are:

  • Facial wrinkles
  • Glabellar creases (frown lines)
  • Lip shaping

Onset of effect
The effect occurs immediately, although at first a slight overcorrection may be observed.

After possible injection-induced skin irritations have subsided, the desired compensation for the substance defect sets in.

Duration of effect
The effect of hyaluronic acid is prolonged and lasts between 6 - 12 months. Hyaluronic acid is slowly degraded by the body. The duration of the effect depends on age, skin type, habits, muscle activity and material used.

Quality standard
At Augenzentrum Höfe, only high-quality, original products, which have been tested and approved according to Swiss standards, are used by a surgically experienced specialist, who has been specially trained for filler treatments.

Side effects
Treatment-related reactions such as swelling, reddening, pain, itching, discolouration and sensitivity at the treatment site are rare and generally disappear by themselves after 1-2 days.

General tips
Filler treatment is well-tolerated when skilfully applied.

As with any medical application, side effects are also possible with principally well-tolerated substances.

During our consultation, we will evaluate and discuss your personal risk profile.

Consultation, individual cost estimate and treatment appointments

We will be happy to take the time to see you. Please arrange an appointment at our aesthetic surgery. We will gladly provide you with a free consultation and an individual cost estimate.

A follow-up check after two weeks is included in the price for all filler treatments.