Here you can check your eyesight with our little online tests.

Colour vision test

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Macular eye test (Amsler grid)

You can check the function of your macula with the so-called “Amsler grid”. It enables you to detect early changes in your central vision that you would not otherwise notice. If there are the corresponding changes, you should carry out this self-test every 1-2 weeks. Self-testing with the Amsler grid is carried out as follows:

  • Put on your reading or varifocal glasses and look at the Amsler grid from your usual reading distance.
  • Cover one eye with your hand.
  • Focus directly on the small black spot in the centre of the Amsler grid.
  • While focusing on the small black spot in the centre of the Amsler grid, check whether all the lines are straight or whether the lines are distorted, blurred or unclear in certain areas.
  • Repeat the test with the other eye.
If lines are distorted, blurred, unclear, or if the squares are curved, we recommend that you make an appointment with us for a consultation without delay.

Amsler grid (click over the picture)

Visual acuity test

The visual acuity test can tell you whether your vision should be checked.

You can use the test either “offline":

  • by printing out the test (without scaling)

or "online":

  • by adjusting the PDF reader so that the 10 cm scale above on the screen is about 10 cm.

Focus on the picture from a distance of 3 metres.

Cover one eye with your hand and look at all the letters from top to bottom with the other eye, then change, and then repeat the test with both eyes.

If you recognise all the letters, you probably do not need glasses or contact lenses, but you could still be long-sighted.

If you cannot recognise letters or only partially, we recommend a professional eye test.

We would be pleased to offer you an appointment.



Colour vision test solutions: 1= 74   2= 6   3= none  4= 42